3 Start-Up Mistakes You Must Avoid

3 Start Up Mistakes You Must Avoid

How to Avoid Start Up Mistakes


Simple mistakes that effect many online businesses are often made at the outset in domain registration, email address setup and initial web page content. Consultation with some of the thousands that have made these mistakes confirm, they knew no better. With a view to preventing this the three most often made mistakes are explained here.

Frequent Start-Up Mistakes

  1. Professional Identity – Domain Name and Email Choice
  2. Red Light to Traffic – Titles and Descriptions
  3. Outcome Objective – Call to Action


Professional Identity – Domain Name and Email Choice

We have all visited websites and if interested in the product or service on offer, have wondered about the reliability of the website to deliver. Web visitors have to judge the presented information as a representation of the business and make a decision about the size and capability of the business by what they view.

One of the most obvious things that can make the business look small or in some way indicate lower standards are that the domain name is not used in the contact email, that is the website uses a free service such as Google or Yahoo mail.

This can raise further questions about the website hosting facility.

Red Light to Traffic – Titles and Descriptions

Without traffic to your website there is no chance of business success online and one of the most important website failings is that the webpages are not given titles and descriptions that match the text and image content of the webpage.

In some cases pages may use a mix of symbols and numbers which do not provide search engine friendly information that helps to get the webpage(s) indexed in the search engines.

This mistake can lead to the costly use of paid advertising as an alternative way to deliver website traffic. Therefore it is important to plan the page names and descriptions when thinking about the general text and image content.

Using a system that enables the amendment of web page titles is recommended along with the knowledge of search term numbers for each title.

Outcome Objective – Call to Action

What do you want your website visitor to do?

It may be you are trying to generate business leads in which case you want the visitor to contact you… So your web page content should lead the visitor towards deciding to call you or contact your business by email.

Without setting out with a plan to achieve the desired outcome your website will be seen as a brochure for your business and even if your information looks compelling to the site visitor, that visitor is most likely checking out others who offer similar products and services and is most likely to choose to fulfil the Call to Action of the website that makes it easy to do so, seems trustworthy and reliable.