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Having been in digital marketing for 20 years there’s plenty of pitfalls that you need not encounter.

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Doing it yourself is very admirable… but often equally time consuming.

We have done the hard work to provide you with videos that take you through most of the set up information.

Prime Digital Marketing 200 Terms Explained

200 Digital Terms Explained

Many people in digital marketing sound as if they are talking a different language.

That’s why we have provided an explanation to some 200 regularly used terms for your reference.


Chances are… lots of businesses you are targetting use Facebook, therefore you need get involved.


The fast and easy way to let your customers know what your business is doing!

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Maybe you have another social media channel you prefer to use, find out how to link them! 

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Most new businesses make these three mistakes you must avoid!

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Having the information to make an action plan is the first step towards success!

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