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Often jargon used by IT professionals or techie’s are difficult to understand, thats why we have taken the time to explain more than 200 commonly used terms

Web Development

Domain management, content management system setup, security and plugin selection… all explained!

200 Terms Explained

Don’t understand… neither did I in my early days. Read these and your confusion will soon disappear.

Design Made Simple

Every one can make a stunning website without design experience by selecting a “Theme” and using appropriate images…

Its All About the Data

Having set the desired objectives?

How do I find out what my website visitors are doing?

Jump Start - Business

Making a good start can make all the difference if you are starting any business… Read this first!

Video Training

Search for the topic you need… then watch and re-watch the video before making any changes to your installation!!

How to Bypass Coding

Fear of coding?

No programming expertise is required using the “What You See is What You Get” system.

Maximising Results

Understanding the needs of your visitors, allows the delivery of content that they apppreciate by buying your product or service!

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